Thursday, April 25, 2024

Wyndham gives green light to organic waste facility

Victoria’s Wyndham Council has given the green light to progress plans for a state-of-the-art alternative waste processing facility in Werribee.

Council says the concept plan for the site will create a detailed roadmap for the introduction of waste baling and a pre-sort and organics processing facility.

It said the decision was designed to support Victoria’s target to achieve an 80% diversion of waste from landfill by 2030.

Wyndham City’s landfill is one of only four waste disposal sites servicing metropolitan Melbourne and the plan is for the Werribee operation to provide the State with an alternative to relying solely on landfill as a waste disposal solution.

“This is a game-changer for Wyndham and Victoria,” said Wyndham Mayor, Adele Hegedich (pictured, right).

“The community’s expectations around landfill and waste treatment have changed and more environmentally sustainable solutions are required.”

“In the past, rubbish bins would be wheeled out to the kerbside each week and people wouldn’t give it a second thought, but things have changed. There is now a greater focus on what happens to the waste once it is collected – as a society we have an obligation to look for greener solutions.”

“Instead of requiring households to separate organics and food from general waste – this new facility would provide us with the ability to remove the green waste at the landfill. Equally, for Councils who do require the separation at kerbside – any non-compliance can be corrected at our landfill.”

“The State Government has set ambitious targets to reduce the amount of waste diverted to landfill as we can’t keep just filling up holes in the ground. We see the potential for our operation to support the State Government in achieving these important targets.”

As outlined in the Business Case considered by Council, the proposed project would be carried in stages with the ultimate goal of achieving a full circular economy through waste to energy.

Mayor Hegedich noted, however, that the initial baling and resource recovery would provide immediate benefits.

“Baling waste and sorting materials in an indoor-custom built facility will reduce litter, noise and odour whilst providing immediate environmental benefits,” she said.

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