Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Wisemans Ferry park rebuilt and reopened

One of the Hawkesbury region’s most-loved parks and tourist destinations has re-opened – and just in time for the Easter holiday period. 

Wisemans Ferry Park, which is located on the banks of the Hawkesbury River, has undergone extensive repairs after the facility sustained serious damage in the July 2022 flood.  

“The entire facility literally went underwater after the Hawkesbury River broke its banks,” said Mayor of The Hills Shire, Peter Gangemi. 

“Waste, sand and fallen trees covered the Park, and the turf fields remained waterlogged after the water receded. 

“The kiosk, which is located inside this facility, along with the amenities block also needed significant repairs to get them in working order again.

“The park was days away from reopening after the March 2022 flood when the July flood hit. It was very upsetting to see this Park in such a terrible state for the second time in a year and unable to be used by people,” the Mayor said. 

Around 120 tonnes of waste, including washed up water tanks, kayaks, and even a horse trough were removed from the Park. Further to this, 7000 tonnes (over 250 truckloads) of sand also had to be taken away. 

The pathways, picnic settings, barbecue facilities and parts of the children’s playground that could be salvaged were all cleaned. New mulch and rubber softfall was added to the playground area.

Council also laid over 12,000mof new turf, which has set in nicely, and can now be used for picnics or outdoor activities, such as soccer, cricket and touch football. 

“The facility looks amazing and I highly encourage people to come and visit Wisemans Ferry again,” Mayor Gangemi said. 

“The Park is open, as well as the kiosk and there’s a new boat ramp which is located just up the road. 

“Visitors can grab a bite to eat from the kiosk or purchase produce for a picnic from the local businesses that are located on your drive down. It’s the perfect way we can support our business community who are recovering from the aftermath of the floods. 

“I’m looking forward to people using this wonderful facility again – it’s one of the most picturesque parks in the Shire and perfect for people of all ages,” Mayor Gangemi said.

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