Monday, May 27, 2024

West Coast signs regional growth MOU

Tasmania’s West Coast Council has announced the signing of a MOU which it says will see the coming together of industry, community and Government, under the framework of the State Governments Strategic Regional Partnership Agreement (SRPA).

Council sys the partnership will work to address the problems of declining populations and the subsequent spiral downwards of services and amenities in regional areas such as the West Coast.

“The entities represented by the MOU are committing to amplify the voices of the resilient West Coasters to create the localities which will attract workers and their families out of suburbia across Tasmania and interstate to go west once again in pursuit of work and pleasure,” Council said in a statement.

“With an unprecedented looming investment program totalling many billions of dollars across multiple industry sectors all needing hundreds of workers extending across 10 plus years, now is the time to combine plans and ensure the expenditure can leverage the benefits of being part of a suite of projects, and at the same time leave an enduring legacy of homes, facilities, improved social outcomes and a diversified economy to reverse the cycle of decline and to do it sustainably.”

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