Thursday, April 25, 2024

Waverley Council election results declared

The NSW Electoral Commission has declared the results of the Waverley Council election held on Saturday 4 December.

Waverley residents and ratepayers elected the 12 Councillors to serve on Council across the following four wards:

Bondi Ward:

  • Councillor Leon Goltsman
  • Councillor Michelle Gray
  • Councillor Dominic Wy Kanak

Hunter Ward:

  • Councillor Sally Betts
  • Councillor Steven Lewis
  • Councillor Will Nemesh

Lawson Ward:

  • Councillor Angela Burrill
  • Councillor Elaine Keenan
  • Councillor Paula Masselos

Waverley Ward:

  • Councillor Ludovico Fabiano
  • Councillor Tony Kay
  • Councillor Tim Murray

Councillors Betts, Burrill, Goltsman, Wy Kanak, Kay, Keenan, Lewis, Masselos and Nemesh served in the previous term of Council and were re-elected. The Council will welcome new Councillors, Fabiano, Gray and Murray.

The Mayor and Deputy Mayor are elected by Councillors with the voting for these roles to be conducted at a meeting to be held early in January 2022.

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