Friday, July 19, 2024

Victorian Governor visits Ararat

Ararat Rural City Council has hosted a regional tour by the Governor of Victoria this week.

The Governor visited the Mount Langi Ghiran Vineyard, AME Systems, Gason, the Gum San Heritage Museum, the Ararat Jobs & Technology Precinct at the Federation University, Ararat Campus, and the Hopkins Correctional Centre.

The Governor was also officially welcomed to the Ararat Rural City at a Civic Reception hosted by the Council at the Town Hall.

Regional tours are part of a program of community engagement – a feature of the Governor of Victoria’s role – and allows the opportunity to recognise the contributions of Victorians, interact with volunteer organisations, engage in discussions with community leaders, and support cultural activities.

“I wish to pass on through you my particular sympathy for the members of your communities who have experienced losses of homes in the recent fires in Pomonal and Bellfield, as well as to those firefighters injured yesterday,” the Governor said.

“Having witnessed the vibrancy and volunteer spirit of your communities on this visit, I know you will rally around those affected.

“My very best wishes to you all and to those you represent.”

Mayor, Bob Sanders thanked the Governor for her visit.

“It has been a privilege to host your tour of our region and to the share with you everything that we are very proud of, including our rich history, our wonderful and hardworking people, our innovative industries and our outstanding local produce,” he said.

I” also thank the Governor for her very kind letter and sympathies to our bushfire affected communities.

“I would also like to especially thank the organisations and businesses who generously gave their time to host an official visit, as well as representatives from our local community who were able to make it to the Civic Reception to give a very warm welcome to the Governor of Victoria.”

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