Thursday, May 30, 2024

Victorian fund to boost council-managed roads safety

Victorian Minister for Roads and Road Safety, Melissa Horne, has announced a new funding program to help local governments across the state to deliver road safety improvements to council-managed roads, intersections and precincts.

Minister Horne said the new Safe Local Roads and Streets Program will run over four years to boost safety for local road users.

“This program will support local governments across Victoria to deliver road safety improvements to council-managed roads, intersections and precincts in their areas, as well as make it easier for locals to get to where they need to go – whether it’s to school, work or the shops,” she said.

“Recognising the barriers local governments face in delivering road safety improvements, the Safe Local Roads and Streets Program will support local governments to identify road safety issues in their area and implement solutions,” said Minister Horne.

She said the new program will design and deliver safer infrastructure upgrades for communities including raised crossings, intersection upgrades, speed cushions, kerbing upgrades, pedestrian islands, safer speeds and roundabouts.

The Victorian Government is investing $210 million in the new program, fostering a partnership between local councils, the Department of Transport and Planning and the Transport Accident Commission to work closely together to identify, plan, develop and deliver more road safety upgrades across the state.

The program supports the Victorian Road Safety Strategy 2021-2030, which aims to halve road deaths and reduce serious injuries by 2030 and sets the state on a path to zero road deaths by 2050.

Around 33% of road trauma occurs on local council-managed roads in Victoria each year. Of the 100 people who have died on Victorian roads this year, 32 have occurred on local roads which is nine higher than the five year average.

An expression of interest process will be held for councils interested in the first phase of the program. As part of this first stage, up to 10 councils will be selected to participate by working to understand the needs of local government and begin trialling approaches that will then be rolled out to all 79 councils.

“Local councils play a pivotal role in identifying issues and improving road safety in their areas and this significant new program will help to reduce the risks and impact of trauma on local roads,” said Transport Accident Commission CEO, Joe Calafiore.

“We all have a role to play when it comes to road safety which is why we’re strengthening the way we plan and deliver road safety initiatives with local councils to drive down road trauma in Victorian and support safe and thriving communities,” said Acting Head of Road Safety Victoria, Marcelo Vidales.

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