Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Victoria charges up EV expansion

The Victorian Government has announced $1.55 million in grants for 14 organisations and Not-for-Profits to install 58 new electric vehicle charging stations across the state.

Minister for Energy, Lily D’Ambrosio said Victoria was fuelling a new industry by expanding critical charging infrastructure and supporting emerging charging technologies.

“Ensuring more innovative, available charging options lays the groundwork to ensure 50% of our state’s new light vehicle sales are zero-emission by 2030,” the Minister said.

The investment is part of the State Government’s $100 million Zero Emissions Vehicle Roadmap – supporting Victoria’s transition to electric vehicles, driving the deployment of EV charging technology and helping make EVs more affordable by growing the second-hand market.

Regional Victoria will receive $727,000 while metropolitan Melbourne will receive $827,000, with chargers ranging from 7 to 60 kilowatts depending on location, fleet size and frequency of use.

The Government has also announced a new $3.18 million program to support new Zero Emissions Vehicle Emerging Technologies. The program will support pilots, trials and implementation-ready projects using innovative EV charging technologies, such as wireless charging and bidirectional, vehicle-to-grid charging.

Other eligible technologies include EV charging in high density areas, off-street parking areas and smart chargers that reduce costs or optimise charging during off-peak periods or maximise rooftop solar.

“We’re delivering the necessary infrastructure for a cheaper, cleaner transition for the transport sector – the second largest contributor to Victoria’s emissions – through our $100 million Zero Emissions Vehicle Roadmap,” said Minister for Public Transport, Roads and Road Safety, Ben Carroll.

The roadmap also invested $5 million for new fast-charging stations across Victoria − ensuring drivers in any Victorian town will be at most one hour away from a charger, as well as infrastructure for local councils and businesses to support their fleets.

The Ministers say the initiatives will play a key role in helping achieve the state’s target of 50% of all new light vehicles sales being zero emissions by 2030 and help Victoria achieve its ambitious emissions reductions targets.

Applications are open until 10 February 2023. For a list of successful applicants, or to apply for the ZEV Emerging Technologies program visit energy.vic.gov.au/renewable-energy/zero-emissions-vehicles.

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