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Vic Transport Dept consults on Camberwell bridge design

The Victorian Department of Transport is exploring four design options to improve connectivity and safety for pedestrians and bicycle riders who use the Toorak Road crossing of the Anniversary Trail in Camberwell.

City of Boroondara Council’s preferred design is ‘Option 4’, which involves building a new shared bicycle and pedestrian bridge over Toorak Road (with the exception of the stairs on the south side of Toorak Road), Council said in a statement.

“We have been advocating for a bridge like this for many years,” the Council said.

An image that represents Option 4, which is a proposal from the Department of Transport to build a shared path bridge over Toorak Road.

In 2014, the Council completed a feasibility study to confirm that building a bridge at the location was achievable.

“We worked with key stakeholders including VicRoads (now part of the Department of Transport), VicTrack, Metro Trains and Public Transport Victoria,” it said.

“We also consulted with the community and traders to understand their support for a new bridge. We found that a shared bicycle and pedestrian bridge was the most suitable option, which was supported by all key stakeholders.”

The findings were presented at a Council meeting in May 2018.

“Councillors supported our recommendation for a shared bicycle and pedestrian bridge on the west side of the railway line,” Council said.

The Victorian Government also allocated $800,000 in its 2020/21 budget to plan for a new shared bicycle and pedestrian bridge along the Anniversary Trail at Toorak Road, part of the Kew to Highett Strategic Cycling Corridor. 

Community consultation on the design options is open until Friday 28 October 2022 through the Engage Victoria website.

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