Friday, March 1, 2024

Troublesome tigers to take a trip

City of Launceston Council will this week consider rehoming 10 bronze thylacine sculptures from the Brisbane St Mall to a new home in Civic Square.

Council says the relocated Tasmanian tigers would be replaced with additional greenery, comprising two new urban canopies.

The Council commissioned the 10 thylacine sculptures during the Brisbane St Mall redevelopment in 2018.

However, since their installation, the sculptures have resulted in several pedestrian falls, have limited the options for installation of additional greenery, and have reduced the space’s functionality for public events, Council said in a statement.

Council officers have recommended the sculptures be relocated to Civic Square, with a safety assessment to be completed prior to installation.

The sculptures would be placed within existing raised garden beds in Civic Square, and still be accessible to children and families, Council said.

Mayor, Danny Gibson said he was pleased the Council would be considering a positive outcome for both Civic Square and the Brisbane St Mall.

“While it has taken time to find a potential outcome that responds to community feedback about the sculptures and which allows children and families to continue accessing them, I’m pleased to see these recommendations on the agenda,“ Mayor Gibson said.

“I look forward to discussing this matter with Councillors around the table.”

The Council will consider the recommendation at its meeting on Thursday 23 March.

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