Thursday, February 22, 2024

Traineeships win for Bega Valley

Bega Valley Shire Council has announced it will establish six two-year civil construction industry traineeships, having won funding from the NSW Government’s Regional Youth Investment Program.

CEO, Anthony McMahon said Council will hold a series of workshops for local young people, with a particular focus on high school students and Aboriginal youth, explaining the traineeship program and the broader career opportunities within Council.

“Civil construction includes things like earthworks, pipe laying, bridge building and road construction,” Mr McMahon said.

“The multiple natural disasters over the past few years have caused significant infrastructure damage and for some time now, we have experienced a critical skills shortage in the civil construction industry, not just here but across NSW.

“When the opportunity to address our own skilled labour shortage as well as provide half a dozen young people with a career path presented itself, we jumped on it.

“We are one of the larger employers in the region and have the skills and knowledge within our existing workforce to support the development of those about to start their careers.”

If the trainees continue employment with Council or move into the local contract sector, it will continue to benefit the community, said Mr McMahon.

“Through our Youth Employment Program, we will work closely with local high schools, our three Local Aboriginal Land Councils and other youth-focussed community groups to encourage local young people to apply for one of our six traineeships,” he said.

“We will establish internal mentoring programs and run application and interview coaching seminars to support young people in applying for the traineeships.”

The successful trainees will gain Certificate 3 level qualifications in civil construction, building maintenance and plant operation.

At the conclusion of the program, any trainee unable to secure permanent employment with Council will be supported to find employment with local civil construction businesses, said Mr McMahon.

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