Sunday, June 23, 2024

Townsville calls for walkway artists

Townsville residents and artists have been asked to provide their ideas for a new piece of street art at Condon.

Townsville City Council says the project will activate a walkway that connects Cannon Park on High Range Drive through to Gregory and Morley streets.

Mayor, Jenny Hill said the walkway was in desperate need of a facelift.

“The walkway between Cannon Park and Gregory and Morley streets is well-travelled, but it’s not exciting to look at,” she said.

“Council repeatedly has to spend time and money to cover offensive graffiti that is spray painted in the area, so we are now looking to engage local artists to transform the site.

“We know that adding high-quality street art to an area lowers the risk of offensive and unsightly graffiti being painted, which is why we’re exploring this option for the walkway.

“Now we’re asking locals and artists to provide their feedback on what they’d like to see there. The street art can explore themes like celebrating culture and identity, inclusive messages, and native flora and fauna.”

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