Monday, June 24, 2024

Toowoomba turns blue for Israel

Key Toowoomba city landmarks will light up this week in solidarity with Israel following the weekend airstrikes by Hamas in Gaza which have left hundreds dead and impacted thousands.

Toowoomba Region Mayor, Geoff McDonald said Toowoomba City Hall, the Victoria Street Bridge and City Hall’s Annex will illuminate in blue from this evening as a show of Toowoomba’s support to the people of Israel.

“The atrocities that have, and are, occurring in Israel at the hands of the Hamas terrorist group have shocked the world,” the Mayor said.

A police officer walks near a police station that was destroyed in the rocket attacks.

“As a Refugee Welcome Zone, Toowoomba has a strong Israeli and Jewish community, and our thoughts are with those impacted in any way by this atrocity.

“We will light our key landmarks here in the city to show our support to the people of Israel.

“In time we will explore other ways we can support the Israeli community, particularly those here in Toowoomba who have family back home who may have been impacted,” Mayor McDonald said.

The same Toowoomba City landmarks were lit up in support of the Ukraine following the Russian invasion.

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