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Toowoomba ‘Safe Active Street’ a first for Queensland

Toowoomba Regional Council has opened Queensland’s first Safe Active Street, with project representatives visiting the new street layout in Pierce Street, South Toowoomba, today.

Jointly funded by Council and the Queensland Government, the world-best practice Safe Active Street is a key link in Toowoomba’s West Creek active transport network.

Council Transport and Drainage Planning portfolio spokesperson, Councillor Trevor Manteufel said the design was an exciting first for Toowoomba and the state.

“The design has included the use of additional streetscaping, including planting semi-mature trees, speed bumps, formalised street parking and road markings and signage, along with the introduction of a 30km/h speed limit,” said Cr Manteufel.

“These features help all road users recognise the change in the street environment.

“Based on the design of a successful West Australian project, we are excited to introduce this new street treatment to Toowoomba and keen for it to be a benchmark for others to follow in our Region and across Queensland.

“As our Region grows, we are looking for more ways to encourage residents to be more active, whether by walking or cycling, and less reliant on private vehicle trips,” he said.

Council Construction and Maintenance portfolio spokesperson, Councillor Carol Taylor commended the effort of Council’s construction teams on the project.

“Council construction teams have recently completed the Alderley Street cycleway bridge and cycleway path joining up to Pierce Street, which they completed while minimising inconvenience to the local neighbourhood,” Cr Taylor said.

Council has developed information to help all road users understand how the road rules apply in the changed street environment.

“We remind residents that the key to road safety is remembering that the rules apply to all road users, especially the 30km/h speed limit, and showing courtesy to each other goes a long way to keeping everyone safe,” Cr Manteufel said. 

What Pierce Street users need to know:

  • The speed limit is now 30km/h. This applies to all road users.
  • People riding bikes are to ride near the centre of the shared travel lane (the terracotta painted zone).
  • People driving cars are to maintain 30km/h or less behind the person on a bike until safe to overtake, ensuring a distance of one metre from the rider. You are allowed to drive over the outside lines of the terracotta zone to overtake safely or to pass an oncoming vehicle.
  • Always give way to oncoming traffic and drive or ride in a safe and courteous manner.

The Toowoomba Region Sustainable Transport Strategy can be viewed at:

The Pierce Street Safe Active Street is supported by the Queensland Government’s Cycle Network Local Government Grants Program.

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