Thursday, April 25, 2024

Toowoomba Mayor’s COVID appeal to Premier

Toowoomba Regional Council Mayor, Paul Antonio, has written to Queensland Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, seeking clarification on the state’s current and emerging plans for COVID-19.

In the letter, Mayor Antonio outlined community confusion over the state’s COVID-19 rules.

“…we have supported the State and Federal Governments efforts from the beginning of this pandemic. We strongly support the need to keep our community safe, based on advice from the Chief Medical Officer, however at this time the proposed changes have divided parts of our community, causing confusion and anxiety”, he wrote.

“Small business and local industry play a significant role in our region’s economy and are the backbone of our community. They now face possible closures with the current plans preventing unvaccinated people to enter…”

The Mayor sought clarification on how mixed-category venues should be managed; how the state’s vaccination mandate will be enforced; how long the 17 December directive is expected to be in place; and what new public health directives would be issued once Queensland reaches its 90% double vaccination target.

Read the full letter (PDF).

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