Thursday, June 20, 2024

The Block transforms Bayside support centre

Bayside Community Information and Support Service (BayCISS) has undergone an incredible renovation thanks to the efforts of Channel 9’s The Block show.

Contestants visited BayCISS for a renovation challenge in which they spent five days transforming the Hampton East site.

BayCISS is a not-for-profit charity which aims to help community members during times of need including emergency and crisis.

BayCISS Executive Officer, Rose Paduano said community members are benefitting from the upgraded facilities.

“We feel very special. It’s really nice, we’ve got a really lovely new kitchen and new carpet.”

“Our interview spaces had removable walls which were not suitable at all for having confidential discussions with clients. Now we have proper walls which have been painted and rooms that are fully furnished,” said Rose.

“It’s a huge step up in terms of how calm it is and how nice it is for people to walk into.”

Community members who visit BayCISS can get information, advice, referral and practical supports in conjunction with medium to long-term supports depending on needs.

“It’s a much-improved workspace, not just for clients to come into, but also for volunteers. We have a huge volunteer program.”

“When we’ve got people coming in to donate their time, it makes a huge difference to say, here’s a nice spot for you to sit and talk to a client confidentially, and just to do the work that they’re coming in to do,” said Rose.

Bayside City Council provides BayCISS with an annual major grant to support its operations.

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