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Tasmania honours LG excellence

The Local Government Association of Tasmania (LGAT) has congratulated Break O’Day Council, Brighton Council and Huon Valley Council as the winners of the 2023 Local Government Awards for Excellence.

The annual Local Government Awards for Excellence aim to promote outstanding achievement and inspire leading practice and continuous improvement in Tasmanian councils. The Awards for Excellence (Awards) recognise and reward councils for their hard
work benefiting local communities.

The Awards, sponsored by MAV Insurance, were presented during the 2023 LGAT
Annual Conference last week. This year, 15 high standard nominations were received from
10 Tasmanian councils.

LGAT President, Mayor Mick Tucker congratulated all Award nominees.

“It’s great to see a strong field of nominations representing a large range of outstanding
projects being implemented across Tasmania by local government.”

“I congratulate Brighton Council, Huon Valley Council and my own council, Break O’Day on their winning entries,” Mayor Tucker said.

Break O’Day Council won the Delivering Excellence – Smaller Council Award (population under 15,000).

Students take part in ‘Week in the Life of Council’.

Break O’Day’s winning project was its Week in the Life of Council program, which aims to attract young people to work in local government

The program involved seven high school students working with different Council departments using the local cycle pump track as a case study. Students experienced how many different parts of council made this happen – community engagement, design, development, works, finance and legal.

The Awards judges were impressed that the initiative collaborated across the community; engaged with young people to expand their understanding about what council does
beyond “filling pot holes”, creating champions in the community; brought to light the work opportunities within council in an area where many young people leave to find work elsewhere; and was successful in engaging students who were previously disengaged in school.

Students celebrate the completion of the Week in the Life of Council program.

Council says the students attended every day, completed all of their work and then enthusiastically shared what they had learned.

It said the initiative, which the Council intends to run regularly, provides a great template for other councils that wish to engage young people within their communities.

Brighton Council won the Delivering Excellence – Larger Council Award (population over

The Council’s Big Bangin’ Youth Night was the winning entry for the Larger Council Award.

The judges were impressed with how the Brighton Big Bangin’ Youth Night was developed
and delivered. Council says it is an event “by young people, for young people” and will inform how it works with and supports young people into the future.

The Council provided the catalyst by forming the Brighton Youth Action Group. The group
then lead the design of the event, building their own skills in leadership, public speaking and event planning, the judges said.

The event brought people together to have fun in a safe way, showcased local entertainment skills and provided an opportunity to talk with the Commissioner for Children
and Young People, Tasmania Police and the community. This “talk” is forming the basis of
the Youth Community Plan.

Huon Valley Council won the Showcasing Innovation Award.

A new award introduced for 2023, Huon Valley’s Food Hub impressed the judges with the
different ways the project has sought to build connection, understanding and, importantly,
a more secure food system.

The Food Hub has provided a successful foundation for a vibrant and connected food system in the Huon Valley that contributes to the health, social, economic and environmental outcomes of the community.

The project used innovative engagement, that utilised trusted people within the community
to support the process and strengthen existing connections, the judges said.

The Judges also recognised the following councils with highly commended awards in the Delivering Excellence – Larger Council Award category:

  • The City of Hobart received a highly commended award for its State of the Rivulets project which aims to engage with the community and students in exploring local waterways and collecting information that will inform decision-making.
  • Kingborough Council also received a high commended award for its Transforming Kingston project. The judges agreed that this was a wonderful example of local government’s role in making places for people and engaging with the community.

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