Friday, February 23, 2024

Sunshine Coast mowing fleet turns green

Mowing grass has never been greener – or quieter for the Sunshine Coast local government area.

Sunshine Coast Council has introduced the largest fleet of fully electric, commercial grade, ride-on mowers of any Australian council.

The five new mowers are environmentally friendly and reduce noise pollution by up to 50%.

Mayor, Mark Jamieson said that for more than a decade, council had taken a proactive, evidence-based approach to deliver on its sustainability commitment.

“With the introduction of these new electric mowers, our council is proud to have the largest owned fleet of commercial grade, 100 per cent electric ride on mowers of any Australian local government,*” Mayor Jamieson said

“In line with our Environment and Liveability Strategy 2017, one of council’s Transformational Actions is to be a zero-net emissions organisation and low-carbon community by 2041.

“The Organisational Zero-Net Emissions Plan provides council with a strong platform for action to proactively respond to our 2041 emissions reduction target in a strategic, integrated and coordinated way.

“While our new electric mowers may seem like a small step, it’s important to recognise that this is only the beginning, and more emissions abatement measures will be implemented as we introduce the Organisational Zero-Net Emissions Plan.”

Environment and Liveability Portfolio Councillor, Maria Suarez said the program was a great step towards becoming Australia’s most sustainable region.

“We are passionate about maintaining open spaces our community loves to enjoy,” Cr Suarez said.

“These clean, green machines will be used to service our parks and recreation spaces, cemeteries, and Sunshine Coast Stadium.

“You may see more of council’s new mowers in action around the region but will be hearing less of them.

“Sustainability continues to be a priority for our region and programs such as this ensure we protect a healthy environment and liveable Sunshine Coast for generations to come.

“The introduction of electric mowers is another way council is balancing this commitment with cost effectiveness and innovative solutions.

“The fully electric mowers join council’s growing ecofriendly fleet of vehicles and plant tools.

“Keep an eye out across the region to see the fleet in action, easily identified by Zero emissions and 100 per cent electric stickers.”

The electric mowers are sourced from innovative technology supplier Eco-Teq. Key sustainable features include:

  • emitting zero CO2e emissions
  • 100% electric
  • low noise operation with sound emissions reduced by up to 50 per cent
  • built with low-carbon footprint manufacturing process
  • zero risk of hydraulic oil leaks ending up in waterways
  • lithium battery has a longer lifecycle and extended use between charges
  • 70% reduction in maintenance costs compared to diesel machines
  • incorporates an inline electricity meter to measure charging use.

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