Thursday, April 25, 2024

Sunshine Coast investigates wildlife corridor poisoning

A vital Sunshine Coast wildlife corridor has been damaged in what the local council is investigating as an act of environmental vandalism.

Sunshine Coast Council said dozens of trees and plants over 320m2 have been destroyed at Peregian Springs, inside the Ridges Boulevard Environment Reserve on Finch Terrace, which is treasured by local residents.

“The local wildlife corridors perform an important role, allowing the safe movement of birds, reptiles, mammals, frogs and other native animals,” Council said in a statement.

The reserve provides a vital link for wildlife to move safely between Peregian Springs and the Noosa National Park.

Sunshine Coast Council is investigating the environmental vandalism and a large warning sign has been installed to highlight the damage and send a clear message to the community that this illegal activity will not be tolerated.

“The signs will stay in place until the site has regenerated,” Council said.

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