Friday, July 8, 2022

Success for Campbelltown stormwater selfie stick

SA’s Campbelltown City Council has received the Local Government Association of South Australia’s (LGA SA) Workers Compensation Scheme ‘WHS Best Practice Metropolitan Merit Award’ for its stormwater drain selfie stick.

Council says the iSUMPP (Industrial Stormwater Utility Mapping Photographic Pole) is a simple but effective hardware and software solution to the common requirement of inspecting the inside of stormwater drains safely.

Developed through Council’s innovation initiatives, the iSUMPP prevents Council staff from having to manually lift heavy stormwater pit lids in order to inspect the pit’s cleanliness.

“Instead, the pit lid is left in place, and a photograph of the inside of a pit is taken and mapped using this iSUMPP device,” Council said in a statement.

“This is an innovative solution generated by Council Staff in order to make our practices safer and more efficient.”

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