Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Stonnington partners with FOGO processor Bio Gro

Victoria’s City of Stonnington Council has partnered with a new carbon neutral food and green organic waste processor.

From 1 July, all food and green waste collected in Stonnington will be sent to a Bio Gro commercial composting facility, where it will be processed into nutrient rich compost.

Bio Gro will mulch, mix and blend organic material to meet the needs of farms, gardens, and parks across Australia.

“The food and green waste will be composted via an open windrow system where material is piled in long rows, turned mechanically to improve oxygen content, reduce moisture and redistribute the cooler and warmer portions of the pile to achieve optimum composting temperatures,” Council said in a statement.

Based in Dandenong South, Bio Gro’s mulch products are used in viticulture and landfill/mining rehabilitation, and their compost is used in horticulture, dairy and broadacre farms.

“Even better, Stonnington residents can purchase Bio Gro products made from a combination of Stonnington food and green waste material and other organic waste at various nursery and retail outlets,” Council said.

“The City of Stonnington is strongly committed to both environmental sustainability and climate change action. Environment is one of the four key areas of our Council Plan 2017–2021, which outlines our commitment to create a sustainable and resilient city.”

Reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfill and facilitating a local circular economy are two key actions outlined in Council’s Climate Emergency Action Plan.

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