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Snowy Monaro ploughs garage sale trail success

Local residents have turned unwanted items into cash during Snowy Monaro Regional Council’s annual Garage Sale Trail, with more than $30,000 in local sales giving new life to more than 36.5 tonnes of pre-loved items – 40% of which would otherwise have gone to landfill.

Results of a recently released report by Garage Sale Trail and Taverner Research Group highlighted the outcomes of the waste reduction initiative made possible by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (NSW EPA).

The data showed a win-win for residents, with the average garage sale organiser taking home $456 and shoppers saving money too with access to cheaper, secondhand products, says Mayor, Chris Hanna.

“Programs like Garage Sale Trail are important in shifting perceptions of secondhand and getting more people reusing items rather than sending them to landfill,” the Mayor said.

Across Snowy Monaro, 3,841 people participated in the two big weekends of garage sales which aim to provide a fun way for residents to reduce waste, make some money and get to know their neighbours.

Local participation in the event increased significantly for 2023, with the Snowy Monaro local government area placing third on the leader board for per-capita participation in NSW.

Looking across the state, 42,393 people participated in the council-powered circular economy event in NSW, with over 1.6 million kilograms of pre-loved items sold and $1.2 million generated for the local economy.

“Initiatives like Garage Sale Trail play a key role in fostering a more circular economy in NSW, one which sees the community reusing and extending the life of items instead of putting them in the bin,” said NSW EPA Executive Director Programs & Innovation, Alexandra Geddes.

With a 44% increase in participation in the event across the country in 2023, organisers say it’s likely the rising cost of living is driving an increasing appetite for secondhand.

“More and more people are looking for ways to generate some extra cash or save money on everyday items. Buying and selling secondhand is one easy way we can all do this, whether it’s hosting a garage sale or selling items online,” said Garage Sale Trail general manager, Barbara Gill.

Residents keen to snag a bargain or turn their stash into cash, can now register their interest in the 2024 event, which takes place on 9-10 & 16-17 November, at

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