Monday, February 26, 2024

Shoalhaven residents fight back against illegal dumping

Shoalhaven residents are saying “enough is enough” when it comes to illegal dumping in the region, prompting a sharp upturn in public vigilance and reporting. 

Council has been asking residents to report illegal dumping of waste, such as used household items, old tyres, green waste or construction waste, by using the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Report Illegal Dumping (RID) webpage.

The state average for public use of the RID website is 11% and Shoalhaven’s use of the RID website is 73%.

Data from October, November and December 2022 showed that increased reporting directly led to a spike in clean up notices and infringements, with Council’s Rangers undertaking three times the amount of enforcement action.  

Council’s Director of City Development, James Ruprai said Shoalhaven was leading the state with reporting from residents.

“This is a significant achievement, and we’d like to thank residents for their help in keeping the Shoalhaven clean,” he said.

“Greater vigilance and reporting from the community not only sees the prompt removal of waste from our bushland and beaches, but also allows rangers to put preventive measures in place.   

“The increase in reporting means we have a clearer picture of where, when and what people are dumping illegally and provides greater support for ongoing investigations to find the perpetrators of these illegal acts,” said Mr Ruprai.    

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