Sunday, June 23, 2024

Shire of Murray shores up riverbank

WA’s Shire of Murray Council has completed riverbank restoration works at Cooleenup Island in a bid to stabilise shorelines and prevent ongoing erosion.

Shire President, David Bolt said the works were part of the Shire’s commitment to ensure
Murray’s ecosystem is managed sustainably for the benefit of current and future generations.

“The areas selected for treatment are at a higher risk of erosion due to boat wash and tidal influences, making this restoration particularly critical,” said President Bolt.

The riverbank on Cooleenup Island had sharp scarping, which is when the water erodes a slope into the shore. To address this, the Council team joined forces with the Bindjareb Rangers and engineering consultants Syrinx to install brushwall, which acts as a temporary barrier when laid across the sand.

The team also installed native rush and sedge seedlings. These will eventually join together and bind sand to further strengthen the riverbank behind the brush – allowing for long term
protection from erosion.

“Brushwall is soft engineering alternative that allows us to sustainably manage and preserve rivers and waterways. The Bindjareb Rangers prepared the brushwall ahead of time and our team supported with installation,” said Mr Bolt.

Brushwall works to prevent erosion by collecting sediment as water passes through. This, combined with planting native seedlings, reinforces the riverbanks.

The activity falls part of the Shire’s Environmental Sustainability Strategy and is a key
recommendation in Council’s draft Coastal Hazard and Risk Management Adaptation Plan.

Further restoration is planned to take place at Yunderup Island later in June.

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