Friday, July 26, 2024

Shire of Murray lights up oval

The Shire of Murray Council has officially unveiled $200,000 worth of new LED lighting at the Lovegrove Sports Pavilion.

Shire President, David Bolt, said the new system will improve sporting experiences with lighting that meets sporting standards, is energy efficient and needs less maintenance.

“At the Shire of Murray, our Council Plan sets five priority aspirations – one of these being ‘People’,” he said.

“This means we are working to deliver outcomes that enable an active and healthy community. The unveiling of this new LED lighting in Pinjarra supports this aspiration.

“Sport facilities are a fundamental part of our local community. Their importance cannot be
underestimated as they offer a place for people to come together and connect over shared interests; providing vast benefits to local residents’ mental and physical wellbeing.

“The new lighting at Sir Ross McLarty Oval provides enhanced safety and enables more access to the precinct for our local community,” said Mr Bolt.

The Sir Ross McLarty Oval is home to a number of sporting groups including the Pinjarra Football and Netball club.

The project was funded by the WA Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, Alcoa, and the Council.

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