Friday, July 8, 2022

Shellharbour talk sheds light on sea

Shellharbour is set to host bioluminescence enthusiast and photographer, David Finlay, as part of the ‘Nature Talks Online’ series this February.

The event, to be hosted by Shellharbour City Council and Shellharbour City Libraries, will focus on the natural phenomena known as bioluminescence – when living organisms produce light. 

Participants will learn about glowing fungi, flashing fireflies, and glittering sea sparkles. All of these have been seen in the Shellharbour area over the past year, most recently at the Shell Cove Marina in December, Council said in a statement.

Shellharbour City Mayor, Chris Homer said the event was a wonderful opportunity for people to learn more about our environment and its incredible features.

“I encourage everyone to register for this session. Bioluminescence is a fascinating natural phenomenon that seems to spark people’s interest and imagination,” Mayor Homer said.

Photo: David Finlay.

“The recent bioluminescence event at Shell Cove Marina attracted a great deal of attention from residents and visitors alike,” he said.

The talk will be hosted online on Thursday 10 February at 6pm. It is suitable for adults and children eight years and over.

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