Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Rural transfer station misuse piles up

Lithgow City Council says it has observed an unwelcome rise in the misuse of rural transfer stations.

Transfer stations only accept the same sort of waste that can be disposed of in a household kerbside bin. Waste that could not be disposed of in either a red-lidded waste bin or a yellow-lidded recycling bin cannot be disposed of at a transfer station.

Recently, Council says it has observed an increase in the disposal of bulky waste, including furniture, at transfer stations.

“There have also been incidents of the disposal of construction and demolition waste,” the Council said in a statement.

The Council has issued a reminder residents that there is a sign at the entrance of each waste facility that provides information on what can and cannot be disposed of at that facility.

“Residents are asked to only dispose of accepted items. Transfer stations and landfills are monitored, and fines apply for the disposal of prohibited items,” it said.

“The correct use of transfer stations ensures there is sufficient capacity for all residents to dispose of their waste in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.”

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