Thursday, May 30, 2024

Redland councillor to move no confidence motion in drink driving Mayor

Redland City Councillor, Adelia Berridge, is set to move a motion of no confidence in Mayor, Karen Williams, who is facing a high-range drink driving charge after crashing her car following a post-Budget celebration on 23 June – the crash occurring within an hour of the Mayor hosting an online call with grieving families of drink driver victims.

In an online statement, Councillor Berridge (pictured) said she would move the no confidence motion at the next general meeting of Council.

“In the days since the Mayor’s crash, my constituents have expressed their views to me loud and clear,” she said.

“The overwhelming majority believe the Mayor’s actions were completely unacceptable and not fitting of a person holding a position of high office. I share this view.

“This is not a decision I take lightly, however I believe it is necessary to draw a line in the sand under this matter to allow the Redlands community move on and heal from this ordeal.”

Redland Mayor, Karen Williams, has admitted to drinking ‘several’ glasses of wine prior to the accident on 23 June.

Cr Berridge said she believes the people of Redland City must have confidence that their elected representatives will remain beyond reproach and set an exemplary standard of conduct.

“It is clear that the Mayor’s actions have breached this confidence of the overwhelming majority of Redland City residents.”

“I recognise that at a granular level, this motion has no direct power to remove Cr Williams from the mayoralty.

“It does however, send a message to the people of Redlands that its elected representatives are listening to their constituents and acknowledge their bitter disappointment and disapproval of Cr Williams actions.”

She said she had little doubt her council colleagues had received similar views from their constituents.

“I will be calling upon other Councillors in the general meeting to support this motion in solidarity with the residents and ratepayers of this wonderful city who wish to see an end to the ongoing distraction and integrity cloud presently occupying the office of Mayor.”

A petition calling for the removal of the Mayor has gathered more than 6,300 signatures in the week since it was launched.

The next general meeting of Redland City Council is scheduled for Wednesday 20 July.

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