Thursday, February 22, 2024

Reconnected Riverwood town centre complete

An upgrade of Riverwood town centre is now complete, with the final touches of the Riverwood Reconnected project completed on Friday.

The project received $500,000 from the NSW Government’s Streets as Shared Spaces (Round 2) program.

Georges River Council Mayor, Sam Elmir said the project had achieved its mission of improving the walkability and connectivity of previously underutilised urban public spaces on and around Belmore Road.

“This project has really enhanced Riverwood’s town centre and greatly improved the area’s overall amenity and street appeal,” Mayor Elmir said.

“This was a placemaking project designed to improve the town centre by attracting more foot traffic and encouraging more day and night-time economic and cultural activity.

“Main streets are so much more than just a place for the movement of cars, they are important economic and social drivers for our neighbourhoods. They offer community members places to gather and connect and provide people with jobs and services such as shopping, dining, entertainment, and healthcare.”

The latest works aimed to improve pedestrian connectivity from Riverwood train station while adding a vibrant splash of colour to the urban landscape. The works formed part of a wider innovative urban planning project which saw a series of transformative town centre upgrades over the last 12 months.

Earlier project works included the installation of public furniture and shade, more street trees, smart social spaces equipped with smart furniture and Wi-Fi to allow the community to plug and play, and public art to uplift the area.

A colourful mural on Littleton Street by Sydney-based artist Steven Nuttal, also known as Ox King, formed an earlier stage of the project and depicts a cluster of flowers from plants native to the area including common Sydney Golden Wattle and rare and endangered plants including Magenta Lilly Pilly and the Gosford Wattle.

“The Riverwood Reconnected project is a great example of community-driven improvements and highlights how innovative urban planning can bring life and vibrancy to local areas,” Mayor Elmir said.

“I hope Riverwood’s residents are as delighted as I am with their new shared spaces. I’d also like to invite everyone else from our area, and right across Sydney, who is yet to see this transformation to visit the Riverwood town centre to take a look for themselves, and to linger for some lunch, a coffee, or to browse its local businesses.”

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