Thursday, February 22, 2024

Queensland councils inspect regional educational hub

More than 20 representatives from Councils across the state have converged on Balonne to inspect the municipality’s award-winning educational facilities.

After receiving numerous local, State and national awards, Balonne’s collaboration with Country Universities Centre to create ‘The Hub’ is fast becoming the gold standard for regional educational goals in Queensland.

‘The Hub’ provides regional students with the opportunity to follow higher learning opportunities while remaining in their hometown and close to their support networks, while accessing dedicated study and learning spaces, free access to high-speed internet, modern technology and general academic support.

Balonne Shire Mayor, Samantha O’Toole, today welcomed the visiting Council representatives.

“It was great to be able to share the successes and experiences we have learnt in our collaboration with Country Universities Centre to create access to more educational opportunities in our local region,” the Mayor said.

“The Hub is providing an effective space, the right technology and academic support for students in our shire to focus on and success in their studies, without having to move away from home.

“This initiative is continuing to exceed targets and expectations with over 75 students now using the facility, proving the community need for a supported educational experience.”

During the inspection, the council reps also heard from the Hub’s student ambassador, Lucy Sevil (pictured, above), who shared with the group just how much the facility had improved her motivation to study and her ability to study successfully while staying in the region.

“The Hub made such a significant difference to my study life,” says Lucy.

“I believe the key to a good study session is a good environment with quiet study rooms, various desktop computers, good Wi-Fi, printing and kitchen facilities, and The Hub offers all of these.

“Instead of trying to study in my house, where there are various distractions and no accountability or resources, The Hub gives me the perfect space to go where I can learn, study and socialise as if I were at a real university,” she said.

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