Sunday, February 25, 2024

Penrith seeks feedback on housing action plan

Penrith City Council has announced the release of its Affordable Housing Strategy and Action Plan for public review and input.

Council says the strategy is innovative and outlines its commitment to addressing the pressing issue of affordable housing within the community. 

Building on recent planning initiatives including the Affordable Rental Housing Contributions Scheme for Glenmore Park Stage 3 and Orchard Hills North, the Draft Affordable Housing Strategy and Action Plan form a comprehensive approach that addresses both supply and diversity of affordable housing as well as support for the housing and homelessness sectors, Council said in a statement.

“The draft Affordable Housing Strategy and Action Plan is a result of collaborative efforts involving local stakeholders, community advocates, housing experts, and council. The strategy recognises that all residents of Penrith will benefit from access to housing that is affordable and meets their needs,” it said.  

Key objectives of the strategy are: 

  • increase the availability and diversity of affordable housing 
  • support innovative housing solutions that cater to diverse demographic needs;  
  • support a strong and robust housing, homelessness and community services sector; and 
  • collaborate with public and private partners to leverage resources for housing projects. 

Penrith Mayor, Tricia Hitchen said access to affordable housing has become increasingly difficult across the country and in the Penrith LGA over the last few years.  

“We firmly believe that the creation of affordable housing is a shared responsibility, and community input is invaluable in shaping the direction of this strategy,” Mayor Hitchen said. 

“I urge all residents to take part in this opportunity to make a positive impact on the future of affordable housing in our city.” 

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