Thursday, April 25, 2024

‘Outstanding’ response to SW renewable energy ROI

The response to the South-West Renewable Energy Zone’s registration of interest (ROI) process for participation in energy infrastructure projects has reportedly been “outstanding”.

Energy Corporation of NSW Chief Executive, James Hay said the NSW Government ROI run in October and November seeking interest from industry and existing and proposed renewable energy developers in the South-West region had received an excellent response.

“There were 49 registrations totalling over 34 gigawatts from potential generation and storage projects – 13 times the intended capacity for the South-West REZ, which will be no less than 2.5 gigawatts,” Mr Hay said.

“This project will bring an economic boost to the region and with interest from a variety of established and innovative technologies including wind, solar, battery and hydrogen projects.

“The number of responses to the ROI reflects the strong level of interest in the South-West and helps ensure only the best projects which benefit the community and maximise local renewable jobs and investment in the region will be picked.”

Mr Hay said the information provided will inform the timing, capacity, design and location of the South-West REZ.

“Timing, capacity, design and location of the new South-West REZ will be considered alongside ongoing consultation with local stakeholders through the South-West Regional Reference Group, project partners and local stakeholders including local councils and First Nations representatives,” he said.

“Through this process, the NSW Government will take the important first steps to ensure all voices are heard as this vital piece of clean energy infrastructure is delivered for NSW.

“This REZ will be delivered to foster support from local communities by providing new and continuing jobs, while enabling affordable, reliable and clean energy for NSW homes and businesses. We are very interested in hearing from those who see opportunities to use some of the new energy and networks to develop and grow businesses within the South West REZ.”

He said the South-West REZ was chosen due to an abundance of high-quality wind and solar resources, proximity to project EnergyConnect, relative land-use compatibility and existing strong investor interest.

With the NSW Government’s other recently declared REZs in the Central-West Orana and the New England regions, the South-West REZ is a significant undertaking and will take several years to plan, design and build and will most likely be delivered in stages.

For more information on the South-West REZ and the ROI go to South-West Renewable Energy Zone

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