Friday, July 26, 2024

NSW Public Works to deliver Albury sewer upgrade


Albury City Council has announced it will appoint NSW Public Works to upgrade the city’s main sewer pump station and rising mains to enable the network to meet the needs of planned development and a growing population. 

Councillors voted to accept the $4.9 million contract for design and construction supervision services ahead of a much larger contract for the eventual construction.  

The pump station (pictured), on the corner of Smollett St and Wodonga Place, collects and pumps 95% of all sewage flows in Albury on their way to the wastewater treatment plants at Kremur St and Waterview. 

Originally constructed in 1916, it currently forms part of Council’s main works depot. 
The project seeks to build a new pump station and rehabilitate the existing one to enhance the storage and pumping capacity at the site from 1,100 to 3,000 litres per second. 

It also includes plans to construct new sewer pipelines to the wastewater treatment plants, as well as upgrade the existing lines. 

Service Leader Waste and Wastewater, Brad Willis, explained that because most of the city’s sewage flows through the pump station, it is unable to be removed from service or relocated. 

“The pump station is now in need of significant upgrading to ensure it meets Albury’s current and future needs,” he said. 

“Accordingly, this project seeks to enhance the pump station’s capacity while simultaneously allowing it to continue servicing our growing city.” 

The completion date for the overall project is September 2027. 

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