Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Northern Beaches seeks disaster assistance

Northern Beaches Council is asking the NSW Government to declare the Northern Beaches LGA a disaster area to assist in extensive clean-up efforts resulting from a storm on Sunday afternoon.

Council CEO, Ray Brownlee said a Disaster Declaration allowed affected communities and individuals to access a range of special assistance measures to support the clean-up and restore critical infrastructure.

“Sunday’s storm has resulted in numerous homes damaged, roads blocked and power outages,” he said.

“It is requiring a massive and coordinated clean-up effort from multiple agencies which is expected to continue for many days yet.

“We have over 50 crews working alongside others from SES, RFS and FRNSW and have additional assistance from six other Councils. All are working hard to get homes, roads and public areas cleared before Christmas.

“This is being felt hard by business and residents who had Christmas plans abandoned last year thanks to the Northern Beaches COVID lock down.

“We are asking for NSW Government to support our Council, local businesses and residents to be able to access Disaster funding and support to assist as the clean-up and recovery continues,” Mr Brownlee said.

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