Tuesday, March 5, 2024

NHVR to roll out pavement calculator for Councils

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) is seeking consultation with Councils as it works to roll out a pavement condition calculator for local government road managers.

“The NHVR recognises that local governments face big challenges ensuring their roads are in good order, and this can be a significant drain of their limited resources,” the body said in a statement.

“It is only natural that local government want to minimise the impact that heavy vehicles have on their roads. However, the impact that different heavy vehicles have on roads are not always known.

“The NHVR wants to make it easier for local governments to determine these relative impacts through the release of a free Pavement Impact Comparison Calculator.”

It says the Pavement Calculator will help road managers, regardless of pavement engineering capability, to understand the long-term pavement effects of freight activity on roads.

The Pavement Calculator considers different pavement types, axle configurations, axle masses, tyre sizes, and road-friendly suspension.

Council road managers are invited to participate in Pavement Calculator user testing and consultation.

“Your feedback will assist the NHVR to further improve and enhance the tool.”

Consultation material, including the Pavement Calculator, user guide and consultation questionnaire, can be found at Pavement Impact Comparison Calculator BETA Release.

Feedback is invited on any aspect of the Pavement Impact Comparison Calculator; however, to guide responses, a questionnaire has been prepared.

Consultation closes on 5pm on 5 April 2024.

Submissions can be made by email to Brayden.Soo@nhvr.gov.au and Joshua.Forrest@nhvr.gov.au.

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