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New portfolio structure endorsed for Toowoomba councillors

Toowoomba Regional Council has this week endorsed the new Councillor portfolio structure that will guide strategic decision making for the next four years.

Mayor, Geoff McDonald said the new portfolio system was designed specifically to give Councillors designated responsibilities to better support the community and Council.

“Serving our community is the elected representatives’ primary objective and this new portfolio arrangement ensures we each have set areas across Council’s operations in which we will have a keen focus,” Mayor McDonald said.

“The new system will ensure all Councillors have a better understanding across the breadth of Council’s operations, which will aid our collective and strategic decision making.”

In addition, the move is designed to help the organisational workforce improve its approach, the Mayor said.

“We can always look at how we improve our own business efficiencies, especially across a large organisation that incorporates diverse business areas.”

“This was one reason behind including elected representatives on Council’s Business Transformation branch for the first time, to help with strategic planning around the size and scope of Council’s service delivery.”

The committee includes the Mayor; Deputy Mayor Rebecca Vonhoff; and Councillors Bill Cahill and Edwina Farquhar.

In addition to moving away from a Committee chair and portfolio leader structure, the revamp adds a Major Projects working committee, which will meet as and when required. This committee includes the Mayor; Deputy Mayor Rebecca Vonhoff; Councillors Carol Taylor and Gary Gardner.

Mayor McDonald said the new structure would ensure Councillors’ work better reflected the Region’s diverse needs.

“I’m confident that the new structure will help Councillors have greater individual strategic input into specific business areas and also offer more chances for upskilling,” he said.

2024-2028 Toowoomba Region Portfolios:

Mayor Geoff McDonald: Major Projects; Business Transformation; Economic Development.

Deputy Mayor Cr Rebecca Vonhoff: Major Projects; Business Transformation; Strategic Water Planning and Capital Delivery.

Cr James O’Shea: Community Development, Facilities and Tourism; Customer, Communication and Engagement.

Cr Melissa Taylor: Waste Services; Library and Cultural Services; People, Culture and Engagement.

Cr Kerry Shine: Water Operations; Planning.

Cr Gary Gardner: Major Projects; Fleet and Logistics; Planning; and Financial Services.

Cr Tim McMahon: Place (Planning); Parks and Recreation Services; and Financial Services.

Cr Carol Taylor: Major Projects; Construction and Maintenance (Infrastructure Services).

Cr Bill Cahill: Business Transformation, Water Infrastructure Services; Project Services (Infrastructure, incorporating Enterprise Project Management); Environmental and Regulatory Services.

Cr Edwina Farquhar: Business Transformation; Economic Development; Information, Communication and Technology.

Cr Trevor Manteufel: Transport and Drainage Planning; Development Infrastructure and Growth; and Property Services.

The new Councillor portfolio allocations were endorsed at the May Ordinary Meeting of Council.

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