Monday, May 27, 2024

New planning provisions for Build-To-Rent Housing

The NSW Government has introduced new provisions for build-to-rent housing in the planning system.

Build-to-rent (BTR) housing is large-scale, purpose-built rental housing held in single ownership and professionally managed. The BTR housing amendment introduces new planning provisions to support taxation changes for BTR that were introduced in July 2020.

These new housing provisions are part of a phased implementation of the government’s proposed new state environmental planning policy for housing (Housing SEPP).

They include allowing for BTR housing anywhere that residential flat buildings are permitted, as well as in the B3 Commercial Core, B4 Mixed Use and B8 Metropolitan Centre zones and preventing residential subdivision for BTR in perpetuity in the B3 Commercial Core and for 15 years in all other zones.

BTR housing developments over a certain value will be determined by the State Government under a State Significant development (SSD) pathway.

If you have questions or comments, please contact Jane Partridge, LGNSW Strategy Manager, Planning.

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