Wednesday, May 29, 2024

New online resources for urban freight planning

Transport for NSW has launched a set of free online resources to help councils support and incorporate urban freight planning into their planning frameworks.

“Urban freight is the system and process by which goods are collected, transported, and distributed within urban centres. A key focus for urban planners is to build better connections between city functions, and to create places which inspire people to live, socialise, shop and interact within the city environment,” the Department said in a statement.

The tools include:

“These resources complement each other and will assist in delivering economically viable, socially acceptable, commercially efficient and environmentally sustainable place outcomes,” says Transport NSW.

It says the Delivery and Servicing Plan (DSP) Guidance aims to provide a structured approach for consent authorities to apply to significant development approvals. 

“This guidance document will apply to new developments or if there are significant usage changes within existing buildings.”

“It encompasses all types of delivery and servicing, facilities and management and considers the wider supply chain supporting these activities. 

“This aims to improve the management of freight and servicing activity, while reducing its impact on the urban area,” it said.

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