Friday, February 23, 2024

New Moyne roads portal surfaces


Moyne Shire Council has launched a new roads portal to give the community quick access to information about Council’s road network and planned upgrade works across the shire.

The portal includes a map pinpointing road renewal and resealing works, before and after photos, expected timeframes and information about how the works are funded.

Mayor, Karen Foster said the portal shows there is a comprehensive program of works for the 2022/23 construction season underway right across the shire.

“From Bessibelle to Pura Pura and Nullawarre to Chatsworth we have road upgrade or maintenance projects happening across the width and breadth of Moyne,” she said.

“We want the community to know the huge efforts we are putting into improving our local road network and the portal is a quick and easy way to see what is being done and where.

“This year Council has allocated more than $10 million to road maintenance and renewal and has attracted a further $11 million in funding from the Federal Government to upgrade roads in the Chatsworth area.

“We have a big program of works on the books and our teams are out there, working hard to get it all done.”

Mayor Foster said while larger scale renewal works attract the most attention, the resealing program was just as important for ongoing road conditions.

“The resealing program is a vital part of road maintenance and helps prolong the life of a road surface,” she said.

“Often we get questions about why we are sealing roads that appear to be perfectly fine. While some road surface cracks might look minor, they can lead to big and very expensive problems if they allow water to get through to the sub-structure. Resealing stops that from happening.”

“It’s like going to the mechanic when you hear a strange noise in your car – it stops the problem getting worse and more expensive to repair.”

The portal can be viewed online at or by clicking the roads icon on the front page of the Moyne Shire website.

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