Monday, June 17, 2024

New Model Behavioural Management Policy released

The Local Government Association of South Australia (LGA SA) has released a Model Behavioural Management Policy as councils prepare to adopt a suite of new reforms next month.

The new Framework is a major component of local government reforms due to commence with the new council term in November, the LGA SA said in a statement.

“A key element of the framework is the mandatory Behavioural Management Policy, which all councils must adopt in accordance with the new section 262B of the Local Government Act 1999,” it said.

“To support councils with the commencement of the new framework the LGA has prepared a Model Behavioural Management Policy, which includes the requirements set out within the Local Government Act.”

The Minister for Local Government has approved drafting of transitional regulations which will deem the LGA Model Behavioural Management Policy as each councils’ policy from commencement of the new framework until each council adopts its own policy.

It is understood the regulations will require councils to adopt their own Behavioural Management Policy (which may be the LGA Model Policy or some other variation of that document) by a ‘designated day’, which will be determined by publication of a notice by the Minister. It is anticipated that these regulations will come into operation at the same time as the new Behavioural Management Framework.

“Given the proposed transitional regulations councils will not need to take any immediate action to adopt a Behavioural Management Policy following commencement of the new framework, (ie. the LGA Model Behavioural Management Policy will be deemed to be council’s policy until council adopts some other variation of that document),” the Association said.

“The LGA will provide further guidance regarding the timeframe within which councils must adopt their own policy in the new council term, including the ‘designated day’ once known,” it said.

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