Wednesday, May 29, 2024

New logo for Coffs Harbour council

City of Coffs Harbour Council is changing its logo, with a new image confirmed late last week.

Council said the image (pictured) has been chosen as the starting point of a brand design concept for the organisation.

The endorsement follows a community-wide logo design competition held in September last year.

Entries across all categories were initially short-listed by the City’s Mayor and General Manager with design winners determined by Councillors. Further design variations for two of the logo concepts were then developed, Council said in a statement.

It says the new concept will be further refined through professional assistance to develop a new branding style guide and various branding templates to be used for future branding across the city.

The new logo will eventually be used on all City of Coffs Harbour stationery, social media, websites, business cards, banners/signs, vehicle signage, street flags and welcome signs.

Use of the new logo will be implemented gradually as items need to be replaced and existing stock runs out, rather than as a single exercise.

Council also resolved that a series of taglines will be developed relating to different business activities.

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