Sunday, February 25, 2024

New guide for Byron by design

Byron Bay Shire Council says a new streetscape design guide will provide direction for the look and feel of public spaces in the town centre.

The guide details the types of materials, street furniture and plants that should be used to ensure that public areas across the town flow and connect.

Council’s Place Manager, Claire McGarry said while it’s likely the people who will use the guide the most will be Council staff as they build and refresh new garden beds, footpaths and parks, the impact will be felt across the entire town.

“There are currently no design guidelines for the town’s streetscape so what we have are a lot of different types of street furniture, gardens and trees that don’t take into consideration things like biodiversity, street amenity, and natural solutions to things like relief from the sun,” Ms McGarry said.

“As the guidelines take effect, what we will begin to see and feel is a town centre that encourages community connection through streets that are comfortable places to walk and sit, with landscaping that suits our environment.

“We are inviting people to have a look at the guidelines and provide feedback and suggestions,” she said.

More information on the design guidelines and how to make a submission is on Council’s website. The closing date for submissions is 19 January 2023.

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