Sunday, June 23, 2024

New Deputy Electoral Commissioner appointed

Distinguished public servant and corporate leader, Dana Fleming, has been appointed as Victoria’s new Deputy Electoral Commissioner.

Ms Fleming’s appointment follows a 25-year career including international appointments in the private sector and a senior partnership role at KPMG.

A former Deputy Commissioner at the Australian Tax Office, Ms Fleming brings a wealth of experience working in a statutory environment to the Electoral Commission – understanding regulation and compliance, delivering of government programs, and working closely with stakeholders.

“Ms Fleming’s vast experience over two decades makes her a valuable addition to the Victorian Electoral Commission,” said Minister for Government Services, Danny Pearson.

As Deputy Electoral Commissioner, Ms Fleming will play a critical statutory function in Victoria. This includes leading the planning of all State, local government and commercial elections, and managing the Commission’s engagement with the Parliament’s oversight body, the Electoral Matters Committee.

The Deputy Electoral Commissioner also manages the Commission’s work with other Australian electoral authorities and local stakeholders to ensure continuous innovation in electoral program delivery.

Ms Fleming’s appointment will begin on 18 August. She will replace Elizabeth Williams, who served as the Deputy Electoral Commissioner since 2005 until her retirement from the office this year.

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