Sunday, July 21, 2024

New crash toolkit launched for councils

An innovative web-based toolkit is set to improve road safety outcomes for local governments and help reduce road fatalities across Australia.

Pioneered by the National Transport Research Organisation (NTRO), the new Road Safety Intelligence Toolkit (pictured below) can be used by councils to identify crash trends and provide real-time insights for local jurisdictions.

The customised, user-friendly system also provides a better understanding of local road network deficiencies to develop countermeasures for future work programs.

Councils accessing the interactive, subscription-based toolkit, can achieve the following outcomes:

  • Identify crash points by location on a map. The information displayed on the map is derived from crash data sourced from multiple state bodies, processed, harmonised and aligned by NTRO
  • Access the crash trend for last the five years or a selection
  • Identify crash rate by gender, age, crash type, speed and contributing factors
  • Prioritise infrastructure and safety based on the crash trend.

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