Thursday, July 25, 2024

New Bass Coast holiday rental laws check in

New local laws to better regulate short stay rental accommodation in Bass Coast come into effect today, supported by an online portal to streamline applications and approvals for property owners.

Bass Coast Shire Council says it has introduced the new local laws to better manage short stay rental accommodation across the municipality, paving the way for a more structured, efficient system as visitor numbers surge.

Under the new Local Law No.1 Neighbourhood Amenity 2022, adopted by Council last year, short stay rental accommodation providers must now pay an annual fee of $300 and abide by several standards, including taking responsibility for occupant behaviour and having a designated contact person available 24-7 who can attend the property within two hours.

There must also be a specified number of occupants and vehicles per booking; and appropriate waste management measures in place.

The online portal, which will go live today, will better manage short stay rental accommodation provider applications, approvals and maintain efficient, effective communications.

Bass Coast Mayor, Michael Whelan said visitor numbers were growing across the region and there were around 2500 short stay rental accommodation properties in the Bass Coast Shire.

Each year, Bass Coast attracts more than 1.85 million visitors, with estimates that number will grow to over 4 million by 2035.

“More and more people visit Bass Coast each year and Council will continue to nurture the growth of local tourism,” Mayor Whelan said.

“At the same time, we are obligated to manage short stay rental accommodation to ensure these rentals and visitors’ enjoyment of the Bass Coast is not to the detriment of our local residents and community.

“These new local laws set out everyone’s obligations and will make sure owners are aware of their responsibilities and abide by the Standard of Management outlined in the Local Law.

“Most importantly, it will help us to strike a balance between accommodating more visitors who choose to spend their holidays and weekends in Bass Coast, and ensuring our local residents are able to continue to enjoy everything they love about living here without added disruption,” he said.

The online portal can be found here.

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