Thursday, May 30, 2024

National project to revive Isaac wetlands

The Isaac region’s St Lawrence Wetlands has been selected as one of 10 sites to benefit from Conservation Volunteers Australia’s Revive our Wetlands project due to its significance to migratory shore birds and location in the Great Barrier Reef catchment.

The wetlands project will be delivered by Conservation Volunteers Australia, in collaboration with traditional owners and Isaac Regional Council.

Mayor, Anne Baker said the 594.9 sq/km wetland area was a significant environmental and social pillar in the Isaac region.

“We already know that more than 50% of Australian wetlands have been lost and it’s up to each and every one of us to help protect our prized St Lawrence wetlands,” Mayor Baker said.

The project is looking for volunteers to help support wetland conservation activities such as weed management and mapping activities on prickly acacia and giant rat’s tail, mapping and camera traps for feral pig and deer activity, marine debris collection, flora and bird surveys, and vegetation planting around campgrounds and wetland public view platforms.

CEO of Conservation Volunteers Australia, Phil Harrison said Australia’s wetlands are thriving sites of carbon storage – accounting for around 10% of the world’s blue carbon ecosystems – but they’re disappearing at a rate three times faster than natural forests.

“Growing global research is unlocking the potential of wetlands as natural carbon sequestration and storage systems,” Mr Harrison said.

Conservation Volunteers Australia has recently partnered with Chevron Australia to deliver the $3.45 million Revive our Wetlands environmental program aimed at restoring and protecting wetlands at locations across Australia over a three-year period.

Managing director of Chevron Australia, Mark Hatfield the company was pleased to build on its relationship with Conservation Volunteers Australia.

“[We] look forward to working together to advance innovative carbon capture and storage research,” Mr Hatfield said.

To get involved and to protect the St Lawrence Wetlands register your interest with Conversation Volunteer Australia’s Revive Project Officer, Leah Scoble on 0436 335 037 or email

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