Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Municipal monitor appointed to Horsham Rural City Council

A municipal monitor is set to be appointed to Victoria’s Horsham Rural City Council to support and improve governance in the local government area.

The announcement follows a meeting between Horsham Mayor, Robyn Gulline, Council CEO, Sunil Bhalla and then Minister for Local Government, Shaun Leane, on 2 June, where the Council representatives expressed concerns with governance practices at the Council.

This meeting was followed with a formal request to Minister Leane on 14 June to appoint a municipal monitor to assist Council, Council said in a statement today.

The request has been granted, with the new Minister for Local Government, Melissa Horne, today announcing the appointment of a municipal monitor to the Council.

“With the appointment of the monitor, Minister Horne will also specify the terms of reference for the appointment, which will clarify specific areas of observation and support to ensure that Council can fulfil its obligations to the Horsham community,” Council said.

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