Sunday, June 23, 2024

Monash local law set to go up in smoke

City of Monash Council is undertaking public consultation on a revised draft Local Law and draft Footpath Trading and Access Policy.

Council’s current Local Law No.4 – Prohibition on Smoking expires on 30 September this year.

The proposed Smoke Free Areas Local Law will revoke the current Local Law and provide a way for Council to prescribe areas within the municipality to be smoke free from time to time.

Council will also update its Footpath Trading and Access Policy so that for any public footpath areas available for trade, there is a requirement that food must be made available for consumption at all times when these areas are in use.

Consistent with Victoria’s Tobacco Act, as long as food is commercially available, smoking is prohibited.

The consultation will be via an online survey available to all, and a phone survey to traders and the community (conducted by JWS Research).

Mayor Brian Little encouraged the community to have their say on this important consultation.

“Revising local laws and our policies is a really important part of the work that Council does for the benefit of our community and visitors to Monash,” Cr Little said.

“Council has always wanted to ensure that our fantastic dining precincts provide an environment that is family friendly and attractive to a broad cross section of the community. In the wake of COVID, ensuring these outdoor precincts are vibrant and a destination for a great outdoor dining experience has never been more important for our traders and our community.”

In determining areas within Monash to be smoke-free, the draft Local Law provides that Council must consider:

  • The size of the proposed Smoke Free Area;
  • Proximity of the proposed Smoke Free Area to a public place, part or all of which is not in a Smoke Free Area;
  • The views of any person who is the owner or occupier of any part of the proposed Smoke Free Area;
  • The extent and outcome of any community engagement on the proposal to prescribe the Smoke Free Area;
  • Any benefits to the community that would be achieved by Council prescribing the proposed Smoke Free Area;
  • Any detriment to the community that would be caused by Council prescribing the proposed Smoke Free Area.

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