Monday, June 17, 2024

Moira council acts on asbestos discovery

Victoria’s Moira Shire Council says it has taken immediate action on the discovery of asbestos fragments during site inspections at the Yarrawonga Transfer Station.

Small fragments of bonded asbestos were found contained in soil during the Council’s inspection program. The fragments have been determined to pose very low risk to the community, Council said in a statement.

“The area was immediately cordoned off following the discovery and an occupational hygienist has concluded thorough testing of the site. The results confirming the presence of asbestos containing materials were received on March 17, 2023 and the discovery has been reported to the EPA and WorkSafe,” it said.

“There has been no risk to those accessing the transfer station and there is presently no risk to staff or the community.”

Council Acting Chief Executive Officer, Josh Lewis says the priority now is to remove the waste for disposal at a licensed facility as soon as reasonably possible.

Council is arranging for licensed professionals to remove the hazardous waste. An asbestos hygienist will also undertake a comprehensive safety inspection before the fencing is removed.

“We are conducting a comprehensive audit of all our transfer stations and landfill to identify any historical deposits of asbestos,” Mr Lewis said.

“While historical asbestos has been found, we want to assure the community that it is contained and has been safely managed and poses no immediate danger to the community.”

He said Council was committed to the health and wellbeing of the community and will take all necessary measures to ensure people’s safety.

“To further reduce any potential risk, Council will continue to conduct regular audits and inspections.”

The Yarrawonga Transfer station will not be accepting concrete and bricks waste during the hazardous removal program.

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