Thursday, May 30, 2024

Mildura votes for EV future

Mildura Rural City Council has endorsed a new policy aimed at positioning the Victorian region as one of the most EV-friendly cities in the country.

The Council says the Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Policy provides clearer direction for the continued expansion of EV charging infrastructure in the region through the following key objectives:

  • Providing guidance to EV charging network operators, residents, businesses, commercial property owners and developers on the installation of EV charging infrastructure;
  • Ensuring a consistent approach is taken when EV charging network operators approach Council about installing EV chargers on Council-owned land;
  • Driving further investment in public EV charging infrastructure in the municipality to increase uptake of EVs, reducing emissions and improving air quality;
  • Encouraging the coordinated rollout of EV charging infrastructure across the Mildura region.

Councillor for Environment and Sustainability Jason Modica said the new policy and associated guidelines would provide more clarity around conditions for the installation, management and maintenance of EV charging infrastructure on public land in the municipality.

“This will not only ensure providers are aware of the requirements in our region, but ensure a much more consistent approach,” said Councillor Jason Modica.

“Examples include guidance on the type of infrastructure and preferred locations when planning EV charging infrastructure on public land.

“By providing this clarity and direction from the outset it will ensure providers have much more certainty in terms of their requirements, which will hopefully encourage more providers to roll out EV charging infrastructure in our municipality.

“This will ultimately position our region as a more attractive destination for the rapidly growing EV-tourism market in Australia and all the economic benefits that flow from that.

“Along with our commitment to fully electrify our light fleet by 2030, powered by 100% renewable energy, we will be putting a serious dent in our emissions, ensuring our region’s future sustainability.”

He said the policy and guidelines endorsed last night were part of Council’s broader aim to support the community to reduce emissions and respond to the climate emergency.  

The policy and guidelines will soon be available to view on Council’s website at

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