Tuesday, May 28, 2024

MidCoast’s two-punch fight against river grass


MidCoast Council is using a multi-phased strategy to strengthen its fight against Mossman river grass in the Harrington area.

“Mossman river grass is a widespread weed which is notoriously difficult to manage.  It grows in sandy coastal soils and spreads its seeds in burrs. The burrs are a problem in recreation areas because they stick to everything and seeds are easily spread,” said Council’s Manager of Open Spaces and Recreation, Liam Bulley.

“It’s very important to reduce seed bank in the ground.”

A first step Council recently took was to mow the Mossman river grass when it was in seed. The seeds were then taken from the mower catcher, covered and placed in the sun at Council’s Harrington depot to ensure they died.

As a second step, selective herbicide was applied to the area. Seeds will continue to die for three to four years after the initial treatment. Desirable plants and grasses were not affected and it is safe for humans and animals to walk through the sprayed area, the Council said.

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